Friday, April 22, 2011

I Play With Clay

  I have been playing with Polymer Clay for a few weeks now. Those who know me will laugh cause I grimace whenever someone gives my kids Play-Doh. All I envision is bits of the stuff all over the table, stuck in the dogs fur, in their mouths etc. I have loosened the reins a little and now when the boys are at school and Mommy has her clay time the girls have their own Play-Doh time. Really I am only doing it so they will leave me and my clay alone. Terrible I know. I have made quite a few different things. My favorite thing to make are buttons. The ladybugs in the photo are actually buttons too. Buttons just have so many possibilities. They can be plain, classic, kitchy. I also made a simple butterfly, flower and heart and stuck them on plain metal headbands. I also made the clay real thin and used a rubber stamp to make so scrapbook accents (the brownish gold rectangles on your left on the last pic).

My cake topper trial. My bride needs some work and the groom doesn't stand well on his own but not bad for a first try.

I really like how the bird turned out, no idea what to do with it though?

 I also took apart some fake flowers I found at Walmart for 94 cents a bunch (5 flower heads) and turned them into headbands and pins for the girls.

I can glue! I burnt my fingers of course

Take it apart

Put it back together add a button!

I used a roach clip for this one. That is what they are really called right? That's not just a stoner term?
Hot glued to the back
We used a bead and added leaves to the back of this one then we attached it to a headband

Of course sister needed one too!



Megan said...

HOW CUTE! I love the head band idea! Is the American Flag a mask?!?

Daniyal said...

Yes it is! Devin loves it. I think I am going to make them for everyone and wear them on July 4th!