Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I Make More Blogs

Remember about two months ago when I said "So I am starting a blog?!? What on earth am I thinking."?  Well, I just started a second blog. I am still going to be blogging here about myself and all my crazy ideas and experiences. The new blog is about our (Minnie, Queenie, and myself) Etsy shop The House of Random and all that goes on with that in a very organized specific way (we'll see how long that lasts). The plan is to feature other Etsy shops and interview their owner(s) and hopefully some of them will feature us and interview us. It is way harder than I thought it was going to be to get attention for our shop. I am still pushing on and learning as much as I can as fast as I can. I would love if you all would go over to our new blog cleverly titled The House of Random (not to be confused with The House of Random the shop, no wait, yes it is) and follow us.

So the next blog for here will probably be about me redecorating the desk in the corner of the kitchen my office. Or not.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I Have a Mouse

I am not afraid of mice. My little brother had mice and rats as pets. I would hold them, feed them, all that sort of thing. There is just something about a mouse scurrying across the kitchen floor that sends me screaming like a little girl down the hall way. After the black flash of a mouse disappeared under the stove the other day I got my heart rate in check and my mind churning. Mice, mouse holes, The Borrowers, under floor, behind wall worlds...then this is what happened next:

Rolled out some brown polymer clay

Set the pasta maker on the thinnest setting and rolled out some black

Put it together and trimmed the edges added some eyes (not in pic)

Viola a mouse hole...and baseboard cleaning day.

The holes don't just have to be for mice.

Watching the front door. Why yes the porch is sinking.

Eyes on the coffee pot. My kind of girl.
Now that I have shown you how I make them if you like them but don't want to make it yourself check out my Etsy shop and "request custom item" I can make them any size or shape. Just eyes will start at $5.00 and go up depending on size. The people will cost a little more but how cute would it be to have a mini doppelganger family living in your walls?

Friday, June 10, 2011

I Glue Fabric to Cards

My super crafty grandma passed away a little over a year ago. I still miss her everyday. Grandma could just about do anything, sewing, doll making, knitting, crochet, quilting, needle work...etc etc etc. Grandma also had a little bit of an online shopping habit and soon had a craft room full of patterns, fabric, and just stuff. My mother and Aunts went through and choose some special things they wanted or would use. After that my grandpa started sending home bags of fabric and odds and ends with me every time I come over. Now have a closet full of fabric. The problem is I DON'T SEW. (get it) My lovely cohorts Minnie and The Queen of the Universe will occasionally come by and snag a few yards here and there and ask me four or five times 'are you sure it is OK?' I am sure ladies there is a whole lot more waiting for me at Grandpa's house. I love seeing being used too. Every once in awhile I will open that closet and the smell of it will put me into tears. It isn't a particularly good smell. Grandma lived in the country (well country for California) and the house always had a musty, earthy, cat, dog, old people kind of smell (sorry Grandpa). I wanted to find a way to use some of this fabric myself. I like little projects I can start and finish in a day. Sadly I do not have a craft room and everything I am working on needs to be put away in the little closet every night. So the requirements were: little project, use fabric, no using the sewing machine. This is what resulted.

Ever since I added Picasa Photo Viewer I can't rotate my pictures! Does anyone know how to fix this?