Thursday, July 28, 2011

I Challenge You!

I came across this article 10 Easy DIY Crafts for Moms on Babble (I looovvveeee Babble. If you are a parent, want to be a parent, have parents, you have to check it out). The article appeared to be speaking my language. Easy, DIY, crafts, moms...sounds perfect for me. After some further investigation, I am not entirely convinced of this. Seems like a lot of messy supplies needed for some, but maybe I am wrong. I am not that mom that let's them glitter, glue, cut up, paint and make a huge mess (they do that well enough with out paint and glue and sticky stuff). Ugh that sentence made me feel like a terrible mother. They color with crayons and markers and that sort of thing though! I do try and encourage art and reading and all all that!

Back to the point. I am looking for 9 people to try out one of these projects and guest blog about it here. I am tempted to be brave and try the Family Wall Art since I just guilt tripped myself for not letting the kiddos paint. If you are dying to do that one I am willing to give it up, just please don't leave me with one of the two projects that require sewing!

So if you are interested please leave a comment with which project you would like to take on and let's see if they are really "Simple ideas with incredible results".


bllewis8283 said...

Hey Daniyal,

I am happy to join your quest. I would like to do the "wood grain tins" craft. It seems simple enough but would like how easy it really is. BTW, I may see about other designs as well to help present broad options. Let's discuss the plan. Look forward to hearing from you.

Daniyal said...

That sounds wonderful! I have another blogger doing the tye-dye project. I would like it if you could send your findings to my email when you are done and I will post and add links to your blog/shop/whereever you would like!

Rachel W K said...

Hey, I found you through the etsy blog team! Your blog is so cute... the background image was actually I older image it was very hard for me to change it lol! I'm your newest follower!

-rachel w k

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