Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I Make a Yo-Yo

I feel this entire blog is going to be misleading. The title might make you think I am creating the timeless children's toy and my using fabric, a needle and thread for this project may make you think I am sewing. Neither is true.
In one of the bags of "stuff" sent home with me after Crafty Grandma's passing I found a bag of fabric circles. Some of the circles had been stitched (this is how I get away with it not being sewing) closed. I remember one time seeing the bag and Grandma telling me they were yo-yos.  She would sit and stitch them together while watching all her favorite public television shows (we loved Are You Being Served?)
In the spirit of wanting use the things coming from Grandma I pulled them out and started stitching together the remaining circles. Now many people probably already know how this is done, but for those of you like me, still trying to figure it all out, this is how I did it (that is not to say it is the right way or anything)

6" circle

Weave needle and thread in and out

Pull tight as you go until get all the way around. I stitched over the beginning and then knotted the thread.

I added a bead to this one.
 I have done a few different things with the yoyos. I made a few into brooches. I adore them as hair accessories most of all.

I am trying to get over my very real picture phobia (I sometimes cry when people take my pic. I am not kidding I can not help it) So this is ME!
By the way this is me the day of the failed craft show and having stayed up all night preparing, slapping on some eyeliner and calling it good. I loved my yoyo bobby pins so much I was willing to post a pic in them.
We also stuck one on a headband
Yoyo headband Yoyo headband Yoyo headband Yoyo headband
and yesterday I started making some for Christmas
Unique Christmas Hair Unique Christmas Hair Unique Christmas Hair Unique Christmas Hair
That is my beautiful daughter modeling them for me. This girl is not afraid of the camera at all! She loves posing for pictures.


Misadventures in Motherhood said...

Awww!!! So cute!! I am rotten at sewing, although I fantasize about someday being able to make cute outfits for my little ones! I guess we'll see... lol

Anyway, thank so much for commenting on "My Little Boob Man" and following my blog! I'm a little late getting back to you because my spam filter ate your comment, and I just saw it now! LOL

Anyway, I'm following you via GFC! I will stop by and read more later when I'm done catching up with everyone who commented but landed in the abyss of my spam filter!

Have a great weekend!

Smiles, Jenn

lambs and ivy designs said...

Don't cry, just have nothing to sry about! And your yo yos are cute.