Monday, April 30, 2012

I Make Socks (Kinda)

I'm back! No for real this time. I finally found something I could not justify waiting until my craft room was clean and beautiful for ( I have a feeling Mr. Clean would not agree but what can I do). Lace socks!
What I saw on pintrest
I saw these on Pintrest and loved them but the link just sent me around in circles back to Pintrest. When I tried to google them I never found that exact pair and what I did find were upward of $30 and not as cute. I don't know about you all but even if I had the money I am not sure I pay $30 for socks. So here we go!
Has anyone seen my glue gun?
Shoe liner from Target. I felt this style would stay put best.
Lace is from an ugly sleeve I ripped off of my pirate Halloween costume
Strip of hot glue. Best to use the kind for fabric for a better hold.

Matched up seem to seem
With shoe
With out shoe 
Could work with flats (not these of course and wow I need a tan)

Looks NOTHING like the pic I know. I should have used flat lace and not bunched. However I feel like it is a good starting point. Plus these cost me less than $5! I think I will try a different type of shoe liner and different laces and ribbons.