Tuesday, January 1, 2013

I am a Waitress

Tonight was one of those nights where the stress of being a server was almost not worth the money. I usually calm myself by adding my tips and hourly pay together and then divide by the number of hours I worked. I admit that tonight that number still looked great. I worked 5 hours which made it $18 an hour. However, as soon as I was the only server left (it is a small Mexican restaurant not uncommon to only have one server) I got three large parties, one of which spoke no English, and I speak very little  Spanish. One table came up to me and tried to pay as I was in the middle of taking the other tables order. The third kept talking to me all at once but when I would ask something no one would answer me. All the bills were well over $100 each and I did not add the tip even though I could, and should have, between these 3 tables I was left $12. There were no problems everyone seemed happy with me. It was frustrating. Top that off with I started drinking the required amount of water a person should a day and had to hold it the full 5 hours. While it not the most glamorous or noble job the truth is the hours work for me right now. I could be working just as hard at a minimum wage job and not have that emergency cash every night. There have been quite a few times I was glad I didn't have to wait for payday for that gas money or to get to go see a movie or something like that. Yet, the entire time I was at work I kept thinking, I could be home, in my craft room making stuff right now. Also I have gift card to Michaels burning a hole in my pocket. I decided to buy a metal stamping kit! I had to choose something or I would have come home with a bunch of random items. So this counts as my writing for today. I did not work out today so I still have all 30 of those hours to burn. 1/4 goals completed today at least.


Lewis L. Lynch said...

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Daniyal said...

Thank you for you comment but I do not need a new waitress uniform. This is a blog about crafting. If you click Mt.Lynchs links you are redirected to a uniform supply store.