Friday, January 18, 2013

I Think About it, But I Don't

My Crafty Grandpa (his leather and wood work would shame people, shame them) brought over three Sterile Lite bins of fabric from my late Crafty Grandma. This is in addition to the Home Depot large moving box, the Dell Computer box and the dresser full of fabric I already have. Sigh. I am grateful to have them, I really am. I go through the boxes and examine the fabric and wonder what she was thinking of making when she picked each piece. Then I think, what am I going to do with all this? I don't sew! I begin to wonder if I should get the sewing machine out and give it another try. Maybe enough time has gone by all my bad sewing luck has disappeared. I stare at the sewing machine sitting nicely in its box on the shelf longer than a normal person should. I start thinking:
My girls love the skirts that Queenie makes them cause they are cute and not everyone has one. Whenever their birthdays role around they are excited their Aunt Minnie is probably going to make them a dress or a jumper. Maybe they could be that excited about things I make them. Sure they love all the little bracelets and hair clips I make them, but a piece of clothing would be awesome. I would really be crafty mommy then. They would twirl around in line at school and the other parents would say "That's so cute!" and my girls would say "Thank you, my mommy made it for me" and then they would want me to make dresses for their kids and I would tell them about The House of Random and we would be flooded with orders and I would be sitting at the sewing machine and it would start jamming up and spewing thread at me and ruining beautiful pieces of my grandmothers vintage fabrics and my sleeve would get caught in the machine and the needle would puncture my wrist and I would bleed out and die!!!!!!
After that last thought threw me back into reality, I decided the sewing machine would stay on the shelf a little longer. However, I did talk to Minnie and we decided that we would go in as a team on the fabric. I would pin and cut the patterns and she will sew them together with her fancy-schmancy sewing machine and surger. Not only will I kinda make stuff for my girls, but our little shop will get some new stock, cause it needs it! Then maybe I can earn some more money to buy more tools for my new love, metal stamping. Nothing says stress relieve more then hitting things with a hammer.

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