Thursday, May 26, 2011

I Make My Own Display

As I was preparing for the failed craft show (see previous blog) I was looking for ways to display some bracelets I had made. Just laying them out on the table didn't look nice, besides they kept getting tangled together. I looked online for cheap jewelry displays (even though I knew Mr. Clean said the craft budget was empty). All of a sudden Minnie's voice popped up in the back of my head 'you could make that'. Uh-Oh. Well, a paper towel roll, duct tape, rice, black fabric, hot glue, and a faux (I prefer the word faux over fake it makes me feel less cheap) flower later....
Testing out the length I wanted.

Duct tape the entire way around. I taped the very bottom twice and added rice.

After duct taping the entire top so it won't lose it's shape I covered each piece separately using hot glue. Then glued them together.

The glue mark was ugly so I took one of the flowers with the giant safety pin on back (see other blog) and pinned it to the center. Viola!

Unfortunately it has not gotten any use. It was way to windy for anything to stay put that day. I have to say not one grain of rice came out though and it is still ready to stand and hold bracelets when it's time comes. Soon little jewelry stand...soon.

Friday, May 20, 2011

I Don't Want to Talk About it

...but maybe I should. It will be a week tomorrow since our first "Craft Fair" took place. Deep breath. I am going to attempt to explain this day as positively as possible. Um. I learned a lot? Like pop up tents fly really far on windy days and can rip the leg clean off. I think borrowed from a friend pop up tents crash harder than any others. The same wind can clear off a table of jewelry. buttons, vases, and bibs no matter how weighed down very quickly. People don't go to outdoor craft fairs when it is cold all. No I am not kidding. No one was there. Minnie's cousin and Queenie's parents stopped in for a pity buy (I'll take it). Then I sold a little bag of beads to the vendor two booths down. It was a disaster. Two out of three of us actually cried.
So now our tears have been shed and we are putting our big girl pants back on. I set up an Etsy shop and made a facebook page and we are going to get some of our money back and keep pushing forward. Yesterday night we got our first sale! I know it takes time and effort to get a business going and I am not going to quit. I want this. I am not giving up on it. So a I ask for your help. Spread the word around. More crafting to come!

Friday, May 13, 2011

I'm Ambitious?

I always joke with my sister-in-law about being ambitious. She will elaborately explain how we could make something we are thinking about buying and I will say "Too ambitious!" ....ok  it is not like ahe suggest I build a boat but she might as well. You have to know my sister-in-law to really understand this. She is stunningly beautiful and kind and everything girls like to hate in other girls. When I first met her I decided I was not going to like her. Why? Because I am awful. We met at the Lake and she was all sweet as pie in her bikini talking in her Minnie Mouse voice. I was grungy and tired and not expecting to meet anyone from my new boyfriends family. Thank God Minnie (hahaha) is who she is. She tells people she made me be friends with her but really once I got to know her I couldn't help it. Being friends with her stopped me from predetermining how someone was going to react to me. Had she not come into my life I would have missed out on some wonderful friendships with people because I would have done to them what I tried to do to my sis-in-law and they wouldn't have decided to love me anyway like she did. So anyway enough about that! The point is I saw an ad about a craft fair in town and asked Minnie and my friend The Queen of the Universe (that is a whole other story) if they would do it with me. Queenie and Minnie are both great at sewing and putting together fabrics to make awesome skirts and dresses and aprons etc etc etc. Well I was a little surprised they agreed! So I got all gung-ho about it and now the fair is tomorrow. I have been working my butt off (golly I wish that were a literal statement) and I want to show you what I have done!  It is pretty ambitious especially for me.