Monday, May 7, 2012

I Make Scratch Clay

I loved scratch art as a kid. Coloring the page with bright colors then wearing out a black crayon on top of it. I was reminded of this after seeing a pin on Pinterst (I am obsessed and I feel no shame in it) where they stuck stickers on a picture then painted it black and pealed the stickers off . At the same time I have been missing my clay and I need to use it up so I can get more! Hence the birth of scratch clay. If some else has done it I have not seen it. So here is my experiment!
Bright clay works best in my opinion!

Looks like chewed gum art to me  I would never do chewed gum art for the record. I think it is unsanitary.
This a clay pasta roller machine thing. You can just roll out the clay but this makes life easier and I like easier life. Best $25 I have spent on crafting stuff.
Put your fake gum art in the machine or roll it out  until it is good and stuck and colorful  cut out your shapes.
If you want holes for hanging it is best to do that before it bakes I baked them before I added the black.Bake according to the package (275 for 10min)

Take really thin black clay and cover your piece completely
Start scratching
or stamping
You can use whatever you have to remove the black clay from the top. Try not to scar the underside.
Baked again and sprayed with mod podge to seal and make shiny!
All the pictures are from the very first time I tried this. The zebra looks more like a kangaroo but over all I am happy with how they turned out.