Sunday, January 27, 2013

I Organize Hair Accessories

 My girls can never ever find anything. They have my issue of putting something away somewhere "safe" and then not remembering where that place is. I am also pretty convinced there is a troll that leaves things in my way when I don't need them then makes them disappear the second I do need them.
One of my goals this week is to get my princesses organized well enough that they may avoid these issues as they grow up. I only hope it is not too late. So today I made them a place to keep all their hair accessories.

 There are a million and one tutorials for headband storage on Pinterest, you can find them here. I am adding mine to the mix. If you follow my blog you know I have a crazy amount of fabric on my hands. You may also know I really only make instant oatmeal, however there was a Nesquick can awaiting recycling. I gathered my fabric (choose something that won't show the can through cause that is ugly), my spray mount that I use to make double sided paper for my custom pinwheels, scissors and can. Cut your fabric big enough to cover the can and edges of can.

 I am not exactly a fan of ironing but it is really worth it to press your edges and make sure the surface it free of wrinkles.


 I used the hot glue gun to attach the fabric at the edge so I didn't have to worry about spraying and positioning at the same time. Then I took it outside and used to piece of old cardboard to prevent any over spray (this stuff is STINKY and STICKY). Little by little I sprayed, pulled tight and smoothed. It is adjustable for roughly the first 20 seconds. I recommend giving the can a pre spray. I over sprayed on the first line and it bled through the fabric. Luckily it dried fairly well and was along the seam which will be placed against the wall anyway. The fabric I chose by chance is incredibly forgiving for this project.
Ugly over spray mark right after it happened.

By the time I finished the rest of the can and brought it in the spot was almost all gone. Then I hot glued the other seam, overlapping the fabric.

Same with the edges along the top and bottom. Going little by little around the bottom, glue and press, glue and press. Keep in mind this is the bottom and you want to sit flat.

The Nesquick can has a little lip around the top which I actually like because I could glue under the lip and press the fabric along the under side so you couldn't see the edge when you look down into it.

Here it is finished and on their dresser. Inside are their hairbrushes and a few clips, and their headbands fit perfect with out stretching!

Friday, January 18, 2013

I Think About it, But I Don't

My Crafty Grandpa (his leather and wood work would shame people, shame them) brought over three Sterile Lite bins of fabric from my late Crafty Grandma. This is in addition to the Home Depot large moving box, the Dell Computer box and the dresser full of fabric I already have. Sigh. I am grateful to have them, I really am. I go through the boxes and examine the fabric and wonder what she was thinking of making when she picked each piece. Then I think, what am I going to do with all this? I don't sew! I begin to wonder if I should get the sewing machine out and give it another try. Maybe enough time has gone by all my bad sewing luck has disappeared. I stare at the sewing machine sitting nicely in its box on the shelf longer than a normal person should. I start thinking:
My girls love the skirts that Queenie makes them cause they are cute and not everyone has one. Whenever their birthdays role around they are excited their Aunt Minnie is probably going to make them a dress or a jumper. Maybe they could be that excited about things I make them. Sure they love all the little bracelets and hair clips I make them, but a piece of clothing would be awesome. I would really be crafty mommy then. They would twirl around in line at school and the other parents would say "That's so cute!" and my girls would say "Thank you, my mommy made it for me" and then they would want me to make dresses for their kids and I would tell them about The House of Random and we would be flooded with orders and I would be sitting at the sewing machine and it would start jamming up and spewing thread at me and ruining beautiful pieces of my grandmothers vintage fabrics and my sleeve would get caught in the machine and the needle would puncture my wrist and I would bleed out and die!!!!!!
After that last thought threw me back into reality, I decided the sewing machine would stay on the shelf a little longer. However, I did talk to Minnie and we decided that we would go in as a team on the fabric. I would pin and cut the patterns and she will sew them together with her fancy-schmancy sewing machine and surger. Not only will I kinda make stuff for my girls, but our little shop will get some new stock, cause it needs it! Then maybe I can earn some more money to buy more tools for my new love, metal stamping. Nothing says stress relieve more then hitting things with a hammer.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

I am a Waitress

Tonight was one of those nights where the stress of being a server was almost not worth the money. I usually calm myself by adding my tips and hourly pay together and then divide by the number of hours I worked. I admit that tonight that number still looked great. I worked 5 hours which made it $18 an hour. However, as soon as I was the only server left (it is a small Mexican restaurant not uncommon to only have one server) I got three large parties, one of which spoke no English, and I speak very little  Spanish. One table came up to me and tried to pay as I was in the middle of taking the other tables order. The third kept talking to me all at once but when I would ask something no one would answer me. All the bills were well over $100 each and I did not add the tip even though I could, and should have, between these 3 tables I was left $12. There were no problems everyone seemed happy with me. It was frustrating. Top that off with I started drinking the required amount of water a person should a day and had to hold it the full 5 hours. While it not the most glamorous or noble job the truth is the hours work for me right now. I could be working just as hard at a minimum wage job and not have that emergency cash every night. There have been quite a few times I was glad I didn't have to wait for payday for that gas money or to get to go see a movie or something like that. Yet, the entire time I was at work I kept thinking, I could be home, in my craft room making stuff right now. Also I have gift card to Michaels burning a hole in my pocket. I decided to buy a metal stamping kit! I had to choose something or I would have come home with a bunch of random items. So this counts as my writing for today. I did not work out today so I still have all 30 of those hours to burn. 1/4 goals completed today at least.