Monday, April 25, 2011

I Use Toilet Paper & Cereal Boxes

I hope you all had a fun and thoughtful Easter. Ours was great, we dyed eggs and the kids made their nests inside their baskets. The Easter Bunny brought them little kites, coloring books and squirt guns then hid plastic eggs all over the house to be found. He even brought Mommy some chocolate and a book, The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. Daddy got a bag of Twizzlers (yuck! but Daddy likes them) and a Chevy magazine to dream about parts for his Camero. The Easter Egg Hunt at church was successful. The kids came home with lots more candy and $58.50 in cash between the four of them from the eggs. Not sure how many $20's were stuck in eggs but my kids found two of them. Yay us!

I woke up feeling crafty again. I have been thinking about this particular craft since I saw four different versions of it on Earth Day. I also decided to make it really recycled by only using discarded or left over accents to decorate it. So here it is my cereal box gift bag. 

Everything I think I need

Turn the cereal box inside out and put back together. My glue was having issues so I used painters tape.

I felt like I won the beginning crafters lottery when the left over ribbon from my brothers wedding fit perfectly around the edges!
Cut up a toilet paper roll

Glue the pieces together to make a flower

Add ribbon as handles and there you go.

I think this is a project worth perfecting. This one here is a little rough but it only took me 10 minutes tops to complete. It probably took longer to get out the stuff I was going to use then to actually make it. Considering we have six people in out house there is a never ending supply of toiler paper/paper towel rolls and cereal boxes. The kids could even do this themselves. We will never buy another gift bag again.

Friday, April 22, 2011

I Play With Clay

  I have been playing with Polymer Clay for a few weeks now. Those who know me will laugh cause I grimace whenever someone gives my kids Play-Doh. All I envision is bits of the stuff all over the table, stuck in the dogs fur, in their mouths etc. I have loosened the reins a little and now when the boys are at school and Mommy has her clay time the girls have their own Play-Doh time. Really I am only doing it so they will leave me and my clay alone. Terrible I know. I have made quite a few different things. My favorite thing to make are buttons. The ladybugs in the photo are actually buttons too. Buttons just have so many possibilities. They can be plain, classic, kitchy. I also made a simple butterfly, flower and heart and stuck them on plain metal headbands. I also made the clay real thin and used a rubber stamp to make so scrapbook accents (the brownish gold rectangles on your left on the last pic).

My cake topper trial. My bride needs some work and the groom doesn't stand well on his own but not bad for a first try.

I really like how the bird turned out, no idea what to do with it though?

 I also took apart some fake flowers I found at Walmart for 94 cents a bunch (5 flower heads) and turned them into headbands and pins for the girls.

I can glue! I burnt my fingers of course

Take it apart

Put it back together add a button!

I used a roach clip for this one. That is what they are really called right? That's not just a stoner term?
Hot glued to the back
We used a bead and added leaves to the back of this one then we attached it to a headband

Of course sister needed one too!


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Why I Don't Sew

So I am starting a blog?!? What on earth am I thinking. I have been reading a lot of blogs lately mostly about crafting and homemaking. Then I was thinking about starting a blog because I used to love to write and I actually like typing. The final push was someone on facebook putting up a status telling all her friends they should write blogs and she would read them. So I better have a least one view on here!
 I am trying to find that thing I am good at, that something I can do that not everyone else and their mom can do. I will be 30 this year shouldn't have figured that out already. Yes, except I spent my 20s popping out four kids (obviously I can do that real well). Now that my crazy,demanding, hyper, amazing kids are getting a little older (9,6,5&2) and I don't have change diapers any more (9 WHOLE YEARS LATER) I am back to looking for my "thing". Not that I have extra time now or anything. My neat freak , clean it now, darling husband is going to think I am nuts. I am sure my laundry monster is breeding because that pile keeps getting bigger and bigger. I could be mopping but honestly I don't even know if I own a mop any more. Both dogs need major training but I trained the kids shouldn't Mr. train the dogs? Whatever I am blogging anyway!
So why I named my blog I Don't Sew is because I don't sew. Clever right. I don't sew because my sewing machine hates my guts. Every time I touch it it breaks. Others come over to fix it, get it working, leave and guess what? Yah it starts acting like a *you know what* again. I have a strange need to be crafty so I am exploring all other methods of crafting that do not require sewing. This blog is going to be all about that exploration hopefully I find all this cool stuff, invent some stuff of my own, get discovered, become slightly famous (enough to go to all the fun events but not be mauled as I walk down the street) and say ha ha to those who told me I need to get a "real job".