Monday, December 31, 2012

I Make Goals

2012 has not been my favorite year. I am also prepared for 2013 to contain the residual effect of the last year as well as the restructuring of...well, basically my whole life. My head understands that life is not fair, that no one is promised a rose garden, blah blah blah, my head just forgot the spread the message.
Since everyone knows that no one keeps their resolutions, I decided to make a few goals for myself to help keep me focused. These are the goals I have decided on for the month of January.

1. Schedule more activities with the kids. Not that we don't have a busy schedule with ballet and baseball and school stuff. We need to do more planned fun things all together so we realize we are doing them.

2. Write more. Journal, free write, blog. I love words. I love making the words into sentences and paragraphs. And yah writing makes me happy.

3. Work out 30 hours a month. I cant promise to work out everyday but I can commit to hours.

4. Cook more. I don't really dive too deep into the cooking process. While I would love to take a cooking class, trying out the many Pinterest recipes should do the trick.

Four is good. Manageable.

Happy New Year everyone!


Monday, May 7, 2012

I Make Scratch Clay

I loved scratch art as a kid. Coloring the page with bright colors then wearing out a black crayon on top of it. I was reminded of this after seeing a pin on Pinterst (I am obsessed and I feel no shame in it) where they stuck stickers on a picture then painted it black and pealed the stickers off . At the same time I have been missing my clay and I need to use it up so I can get more! Hence the birth of scratch clay. If some else has done it I have not seen it. So here is my experiment!
Bright clay works best in my opinion!

Looks like chewed gum art to me  I would never do chewed gum art for the record. I think it is unsanitary.
This a clay pasta roller machine thing. You can just roll out the clay but this makes life easier and I like easier life. Best $25 I have spent on crafting stuff.
Put your fake gum art in the machine or roll it out  until it is good and stuck and colorful  cut out your shapes.
If you want holes for hanging it is best to do that before it bakes I baked them before I added the black.Bake according to the package (275 for 10min)

Take really thin black clay and cover your piece completely
Start scratching
or stamping
You can use whatever you have to remove the black clay from the top. Try not to scar the underside.
Baked again and sprayed with mod podge to seal and make shiny!
All the pictures are from the very first time I tried this. The zebra looks more like a kangaroo but over all I am happy with how they turned out.

Monday, April 30, 2012

I Make Socks (Kinda)

I'm back! No for real this time. I finally found something I could not justify waiting until my craft room was clean and beautiful for ( I have a feeling Mr. Clean would not agree but what can I do). Lace socks!
What I saw on pintrest
I saw these on Pintrest and loved them but the link just sent me around in circles back to Pintrest. When I tried to google them I never found that exact pair and what I did find were upward of $30 and not as cute. I don't know about you all but even if I had the money I am not sure I pay $30 for socks. So here we go!
Has anyone seen my glue gun?
Shoe liner from Target. I felt this style would stay put best.
Lace is from an ugly sleeve I ripped off of my pirate Halloween costume
Strip of hot glue. Best to use the kind for fabric for a better hold.

Matched up seem to seem
With shoe
With out shoe 
Could work with flats (not these of course and wow I need a tan)

Looks NOTHING like the pic I know. I should have used flat lace and not bunched. However I feel like it is a good starting point. Plus these cost me less than $5! I think I will try a different type of shoe liner and different laces and ribbons.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I Get an IPhone

I really have nothing ready for this blog I just want to try out the Blogger app for the IPhone. However this week there will be posts about all the crafts I am making for my six year olds birthday party.

Friday, January 27, 2012

I Make Time

Like many things in my life, that are just about me, this blog seems to have fallen to the wayside. I am NOT OK with this. I lay in bed at night writing blogs in my head (if only I had a laptop to sit in bed and type on hint hint hint) meaning to get up in the morning and type it out. Morning comes, kids off to school, boxes to unpack (we moved in December), the house needs to be cleaned AND decorated, plus I am waitressing part time as well now, there is always something more pressing. I have more than enough excuses but not one valid reason why I can't make time for this.
There it is Making time.
I love working on this blog. I love discovering the crafty side of me. So I am back and I am making time for this. I still don't mess with the sewing machine, have not even tried. Both Minnie and The Queen (if you don't know who they are read my previous blogs) now have surgers and I make sure not to even stand too close to them for fear my presence will upset all their knobs and spools.
The House of Random is still awesome. We have not attempted another craft fair and I am not sure if we will. We have some great new stuff though! You can visit our store by clicking here! Let us know what you think or of there is anything you would like to see in the future.
Thank you to all of you supporting what I do!

P.S I have to credit my mother for the many excuse no valid reason comment