Monday, December 31, 2012

I Make Goals

2012 has not been my favorite year. I am also prepared for 2013 to contain the residual effect of the last year as well as the restructuring of...well, basically my whole life. My head understands that life is not fair, that no one is promised a rose garden, blah blah blah, my head just forgot the spread the message.
Since everyone knows that no one keeps their resolutions, I decided to make a few goals for myself to help keep me focused. These are the goals I have decided on for the month of January.

1. Schedule more activities with the kids. Not that we don't have a busy schedule with ballet and baseball and school stuff. We need to do more planned fun things all together so we realize we are doing them.

2. Write more. Journal, free write, blog. I love words. I love making the words into sentences and paragraphs. And yah writing makes me happy.

3. Work out 30 hours a month. I cant promise to work out everyday but I can commit to hours.

4. Cook more. I don't really dive too deep into the cooking process. While I would love to take a cooking class, trying out the many Pinterest recipes should do the trick.

Four is good. Manageable.

Happy New Year everyone!