Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Why I Don't Sew

So I am starting a blog?!? What on earth am I thinking. I have been reading a lot of blogs lately mostly about crafting and homemaking. Then I was thinking about starting a blog because I used to love to write and I actually like typing. The final push was someone on facebook putting up a status telling all her friends they should write blogs and she would read them. So I better have a least one view on here!
 I am trying to find that thing I am good at, that something I can do that not everyone else and their mom can do. I will be 30 this year shouldn't have figured that out already. Yes, except I spent my 20s popping out four kids (obviously I can do that real well). Now that my crazy,demanding, hyper, amazing kids are getting a little older (9,6,5&2) and I don't have change diapers any more (9 WHOLE YEARS LATER) I am back to looking for my "thing". Not that I have extra time now or anything. My neat freak , clean it now, darling husband is going to think I am nuts. I am sure my laundry monster is breeding because that pile keeps getting bigger and bigger. I could be mopping but honestly I don't even know if I own a mop any more. Both dogs need major training but I trained the kids shouldn't Mr. train the dogs? Whatever I am blogging anyway!
So why I named my blog I Don't Sew is because I don't sew. Clever right. I don't sew because my sewing machine hates my guts. Every time I touch it it breaks. Others come over to fix it, get it working, leave and guess what? Yah it starts acting like a *you know what* again. I have a strange need to be crafty so I am exploring all other methods of crafting that do not require sewing. This blog is going to be all about that exploration hopefully I find all this cool stuff, invent some stuff of my own, get discovered, become slightly famous (enough to go to all the fun events but not be mauled as I walk down the street) and say ha ha to those who told me I need to get a "real job".


Megan said...

I love it. Can't wait to

Lisa said...

That's my girl. You have always had a creative soul. I'm with Megan, it's going to be a lot of fun (and a privilege) hearing about your journey.