Monday, April 30, 2012

I Make Socks (Kinda)

I'm back! No for real this time. I finally found something I could not justify waiting until my craft room was clean and beautiful for ( I have a feeling Mr. Clean would not agree but what can I do). Lace socks!
What I saw on pintrest
I saw these on Pintrest and loved them but the link just sent me around in circles back to Pintrest. When I tried to google them I never found that exact pair and what I did find were upward of $30 and not as cute. I don't know about you all but even if I had the money I am not sure I pay $30 for socks. So here we go!
Has anyone seen my glue gun?
Shoe liner from Target. I felt this style would stay put best.
Lace is from an ugly sleeve I ripped off of my pirate Halloween costume
Strip of hot glue. Best to use the kind for fabric for a better hold.

Matched up seem to seem
With shoe
With out shoe 
Could work with flats (not these of course and wow I need a tan)

Looks NOTHING like the pic I know. I should have used flat lace and not bunched. However I feel like it is a good starting point. Plus these cost me less than $5! I think I will try a different type of shoe liner and different laces and ribbons.


Laura said...

Super cute!Look at you getting your craft back on!!

Anonymous said...

the ruffled lace is cute with the patent leather shoe and you could go with all different kinds of ribbon lace to change it up ALL the time! how did they wash?

Daniyal said...

I have not run them through the washing machine but they are fine being washed in the sink with other pantyhose.